The Energy Systems Accelerator

Enabling infrastructure



The project

A new multi-disciplinary hub, the first of its kind in the UK, where organisations can come together to innovate in zero carbon energy systems. Established by the University of Oxford, initially as a ‘Mini’ TESA co-working space for 100 people, plans are to significantly scale up the work and so help ensure the UK delivers its zero carbon targets.

The opportunity

There is arguably no greater challenge for the UK and the rest of the world right now than making the transition to a more sustainable energy system. Collocation of key stakeholders (including the Low Carbon Hub and SSE Networks) co-creates solutions, delivers global leadership in zero carbon energy systems and underpins the future development of the Osney Mead industrial estate. TESA will support entrepreneurs building new businesses, create jobs and encourage investment and economic growth.


Secured £600,000 of government funding via the Getting Building Fund to convert Holywell House for a proof-of-concept Mini TESA that opened in June 2022. Oxfordshire hosts two of the three UK Government’s major energy systems demonstrator projects, funded under the Industrial Strategy’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution. In under six months, mini TESA has proved the value of co-locating the University with key stakeholders and is attracting more companies to hot-desk to ramp up innovation. Oxford is fast becoming a sustainable energy pioneer by making itself both the subject and instrument of research, education and planning.

Other projects

Oxford station (western side)

Oxford Station – western side

A new track, platform, ticket hall and wider bridge over Botley Road.

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Improved rail network

Oxford Station – eastern side

A new track and platform, main station building, bus interchange and walking and cycling provision, including an enhanced public realm and new pedestrian and cycle bridge over Botley Road.

Learn more about Oxford Station – eastern side
Cowley Station

Cowley Branch Line

Reopening of passenger services on the branch line, with two new stations to Oxford’s South and East, 7 and 9 minutes from Oxford Station, with potential for direct services throughLearn more about Cowley Branch Line

Electric bus

Central Oxfordshire Travel and Connectivity Schemes

Providing more space and reliability for buses and active travel through bus priority and traffic congestion management measures.

Learn more about Central Oxfordshire Travel and Connectivity Schemes
River Thames aerial view

Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme

One of the biggest flood schemes currently planned in England. Working with the natural floodplain to the west of Oxford, the scheme will create a new stream and lowered floodLearn more about Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme

River Thames Bridge and path works CGI

River Thames Bridge and path works

A new river bridge for cyclists and pedestrians connecting Osney Mead to Oxpens.

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Osney Mead pylons and electrical transmission

Burying or diverting power lines

Osney Mead is crossed by two power lines that could be buried or diverted.

Learn more about Burying or diverting power lines

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